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Oakwood School & Assessment Centre, Belfast

Parachute Jump

7th Feb 2017

Two of our brave staff – Louise and Mike are jumping from a plane at 13,000ft on Sunday 19th March, to fundraise for our school and they felt this was the obvious way to do it.......!

They are completing a Tandem Skydive with “Moonjumper International Skycentre”.

Using a dual harness, they will exit the aircraft at 13,000ft attached to the instructor. They will freefall for 7000ft at which point the instructor opens the canopy and steers them to the ground.

Mike and Louise say they have both been lucky enough to witness first-hand the amazing work that goes on in Oakwood School and Assessment Centre and feel that they would like to give something back.

With government funding being slashed left right and centre they have decided to raise money for some much needed sensory equipment that will benefit the whole school.

Louise and Mike have said -

“We love what we do and we hope that you guys will rally round us and put your hands in your pockets! Thank you. “

We hope you will help Mike and Louise by asking family and friends to sponsor our brave staff and to this end we have sent home a sponsorship form.

We would appreciate if all sponsor money could be returned to school by Friday 10th March.

Thank you for your support!